AngelSight Partners are referral partners, value-added resellers and independent distributors. They promote our services to their clients and contacts.

In our early days, we had an active affiliate program. Many people earned large checks each month simply by mentioning our services. We manage the entire sales process. All we need is a referral and we handle the rest of the sales process for you. In exchange, they received a commission or ‘finders’-fee’ for each lead which became a sale.

A Win-Win-Win Opportunity

By becoming an AngelSight Partner, you may achieve the following results.

  1. Generate revenue with relatively little work.
  2. Provide quality services and goodwill for your customers.
  3. Increase the exposure and revenue of your own services.
  4. Enhance your image and reputation.

Suitable Partners

The best AngelSights are people or companies that provide services which complement our own. They are also individuals who have access to sales executives and senior management. Some examples of companion services include:

  • Sales and Marketing Consultants
  • Advertising Agencies and PR Firms
  • SEO, PPC and Internet Consultants
  • Sales and Marketing Product Providers
  • Tradeshow Exhibition Companies
  • Online Conferencing Vendors
  • CRM Consultants and System Developers
  • Staffing Agencies and Business Consultants


To qualify as an AngelSight, you will need to meet our standards with respect to knowledge of the sales process and a commitment to exceptional customer service.

Getting Started

For more information on our AngelSight program,

call us at 503-799-4412 or send an email to:

Your Involvement

Your involvement can range from passive promoting to proactive selling. For some affiliates, just sending an email to their contact list resulted in them receiving substantial commission checks.

Passive Promotion to Active Selling

  1. Providing information on your websites and social media sites.
  2. Sending an email with our demo video to your customer list. This might be how you first heard of us.
  3. Mentioning our services during customer meetings and presentations and in newsletters.
  4. Phoning people and inviting them to watch a sample video and then following-up with an email.
  5. Including a brochure inside your existing direct mail and product packaging.
  6. Playing a demo video in your booth at tradeshows, meetings and seminars.

Resources to Help You Succeed

We provide extensive resources to help you succeed. We will make these tools available once you have been accepted as an official AngelSight Partner. These resources include the following:

   --  Skillfully written emails.

   --  Telemarketing scripts.

   --  Logos, signature lines and photos.

   --  Links to additional resources.

   --  Elegant hard copy presentation folders.

   --  Datasheets and other useful information.

Please let us know what other tools or information will help you service our mutual customers. We’d love to help you anyway we can.