We are the world’s leading provider of sales videos and marketing tools… well, at least according to us! :-) We took the best parts of AngelVision and merged them with our consulting experiences to form AngelCore. We offer services that help our clients connect with their customers. We can rebuild your entire sales process or provide specific tools for the different stages within it.

Our Mission

We also share a broader vision. Long before sustainability and buying local became household words, we’ve been helping small businesses. 80% of our customers have fewer than 30 employees. These small businesses are the lifeblood of our communities. They create jobs, fuel local profits and support a more sustainable society. We thank you for spending the time to learn about us. Contact us if you have any questions about how our services can work for you.

What We Can Do for You

At the core of our sales process are Impact Movies. These are the most commonly used sales videos in the world with over 7000 Customers. Many of these are among the world’s fastest growing companies, such as HP, Xerox, NIKE, Microsoft, US Bank, Epson and American Airlines.

As a Customer, we’ll help you…

  • Use strategies to fill your sales pipeline.
  • Integrate your sales tools better.
  • Create special incentives to motivate Customers
  • Find markets that you were not able to reach before.
  • Use your time smarter by letting your tools do the work.
  • Focusing on the weakest parts of your process so you’re using your time smarter.



Information to Download

Company Overview

1-page overview of our services and our sales process.

Info Sheets

This pdf file contains all our current datasheets and contracts. Some of our services don’t have info sheets because the specific details of the service and its pricing are unique to each project.

Sales Tool Bundle Overview

1-page summary of the benefits of creating multiple sales tools at one time.

Enrolling your Entire Team

1-page overview about how you can enroll your entire team to help you spread your message and achieve your sales goals.

Our Priorities



We’ve assisted over 7000 companies with their marketing and sales. With so much riding on every dollar, your best option is to partner with a company that has a track record of success.



We apply the principles of Solution Selling, SPIN selling and Neuromarketing. Not sure what that means? That’s ok... It just means that we focus on developing messages that get the best results for our Clients.

Cutting your

Sales Costs

Our Customers reduce their overall sales costs when they understand how to use their resources more effectively. In most cases, these changes will generate more leads and shorten your sales cycle.


your ROI

For many of our Clients, our services pay for themselves almost immediately. All our services are produced in a way that allows them to be used multiple ways. We ensure that your sales activities work together so you get the greatest benefit from your investment.




We’ve completed thousands of projects.

  • We have fine-tuned our development process in order to save you time and money.
  • We know what we need to do… there’s no guess-work.
  • We drive the project so it gets done... so you can start enjoying the return on your investment sooner.